Best Practices: Update your Labor Law Posters

As 2020 comes to a close, New York employers should review their labor law posters to make sure that they are current for both New York and Federal notices.

As 2020 comes to a close, New York employers should review their labor law posters to make sure that they are current for both New York and Federal notices. The following should be included on your posters:

New York – New notices were introduced in 2020 in New York to cover 1) Minimum Wage 2) Time Off to Vote, and 3) Anti-Discrimination.  Several other topics continue to have notice requirements including Disability Benefits Law; Unemployment Insurance; Minor Wage and Hours Law; Correction Law Article 23-A; and Workers Compensation.   

Federal – 2020 also saw the introduction of some new Federal notice requirements.  The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in notices about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act.  The Federal Government continues to have several areas that require posters including Equal Employment Opportunity in the Law Notice; OSHA 3165 It’s the Law Notice; Employee Polygraph Protection Notice; Federal Minimum Wage; Payday Notice; and Family and Medical Leave Act.   

Employers can check the New York State Department of Labor website for the updated New York posting requirements.  The United State Department of Labor website has both an Elaws Poster Advisors and a Workplace Posters Page that are both great resources to determine which Federal posters apply to your business.   

Several companies sell All-in-One Posters that include all the notices.  Alternatively, there are many websites which allow businesses to download each of the notices free of charge.   

Having the correct posters displayed in your office is critical for all businesses, and not something that should be overlooked.  Please reach out to Wolfson and Klein-Wolfson, PLLC if you have any questions on this topic.   

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