Covid Vaccine Time Off

New York

Paid Time Off for Covid Vaccines

New York employers must now provide employees with up to four (4) hours of paid time off for each COVID-19 vaccination.

Here are some key facts about this new law:

  • All New York employees are entitled to paid time off for a period not to exceed four hours per vaccine.
  • Employees can receive up to eight hours of paid time off if they get a two-part COVID-19 vaccine.
  • This time off must be paid at the employee’s regular rate of pay.
  • Employers cannot require employees to use sick leave or vacation time for the time spent getting vaccinated.
  • The law applies to both public and private employers.
  • Discrimination or retaliation against anyone who exercises their rights under this law is prohibited.
  • The new law is effective immediately, and it lasts through 12/31/22.

We encourage employers to make sure that their policies and procedures reflect the requirements of this new law.  Furthermore, this law should be shared with all of your employees, and management should also be trained on the specifics of this law.


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